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Hi, my name is Brenda.
Pisces, teacher, learner, eclectic. Probably a mermaid in a past life. I'm a lover of astrology, nature, patterns, and colors. I like limericks, tea, the Oxford comma, felines, pagan stuff, feminism, yellow, and the sea.

"Too many women waste their lives grieving because they do not have something other people tell them they should want. Whether you are happy or not depends to some degree upon outward circumstances, but mostly it depends how you choose to look at things yourself, whether you measure what you have or what you have not."

— Anne Perry (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (54,964 plays)


"shoujou manga is boring" read kimi ni todoke and then get out of my life

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So peaceful 


So peaceful 



Women against feminism are basically just arguing that their individual lives are fine and they don’t care about what other women go through

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Herbal Tea by Muffinka013


Legend of Korra S03E09 - The Stakeout in HD

Korra learned the truth about the group who wants to capture her.

I uploaded the video and it is available for worldwide viewing.


Facts about the Red Lotus

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best episode of the season imho

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"It was a seal, but by the time it emerged from the water, it was a girl."

Tides, Betsy Cornwell (via lady-adventurer)


Details of Song of Vajra


…summer fairytale forest


…summer fairytale forest

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more quick ish working out krita + ways of drawing spaces stuff. colours are weird and exciting. 

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on the table by indojo